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Student testimonials

'We could not recommend Jason highly enough, grace has grown in confidence since she began her lessons with Jason. Her love of piano has grown and that stems from Jason’s gentle and encouraging fun way in which he teaches, from preparing to exams to learning fun pieces. Nothing is a problem, grace skips with a smile out of her lessons!'
Grace (10)
'Jason is an amazing teacher. My daughter used to be in a different school and she was in preparatory for two years and her progress was very slow. With Jason, she was able to accelerate hastily with very remarkable outcome. From preparatory she was able to accelerate to third grade in just over a year and she even joined and won in a competition with Jason's persuasion. Jason brings out the best in his student and help them develop their talents remarkably. He is also a very supportive teacher, he even accompanied our daughter on the day of her exam when she was nervous. Jason is just simply amazing!'
Ailish (12)
Coco (6)
'Jason started teaching my 5 year old daughter, Emily, to play piano in September 2019. Within a few short months, she has made amazing progress and can now play grade 2 level pieces! He is a superb teacher who is particularly good at explaining things to young children in a very imaginative way and bringing out the best of their ability. I am so happy that we found Jason to guide Emily on her musical journey and couldn’t recommend him highly enough.'
Emily (5)
'Jason isn't just a very talented pianist, he's also an amazing teacher and great motivator. He encouraged our daughter to take part in her first piano competition, even though we weren't so confident ourselves. She won second place! Which she wouldn't have if it hadn't been for his experience and dedication (extra hours on early Saturday mornings and a lot of patience). We can't recommend him enough.'
Beatriz (9)
'Jason is a knowledgeable, energetic and fun teacher with fantastic techniques and at the same time instills a lifelong appreciation of music to his students. He is extremely professional and responsive yet warm in his communication style. I would certainly recommend him to any one who has always wanted to learn piano. He has given our daughter the confidence to Move forward with her exams. She looks forward to and enjoys every lesson in her musical journey with Jason’s guidance.'
Savannah (9)
'Jason is a superb teacher! He is kind and patient yet pushes you to practice and reach your potential. I’d highly recommended lessons with him if you’re a beginner or even advanced because he is so talented.'
Adult Student
'On the path of becoming a musician, what matters and defines true success in the end, is following your own inner identity in music and walking your own journey. Jason is the kind of teacher that helps you write your own story. And this is not a common characteristic among all music educators. The world abounds with talented people who get overwhelmed and disheartened too early because they are forced into standard learning methods that don't suit them, the music that doesn't resonate with them or get traumatized by being pushed into performances they're not ready for. They go on living their lives believing music wasn't their path. Jason makes an effort to understand who his students are as musicians, figures out what works for them as individuals, and guides them through different twists and turns on the road of becoming the pianist they are within.'
Adult Student
Guan Yu (19)
What Top Pianists Say...

Performance testimonials

“You caught the maestoso character of the opening very well and the Polonaise rhythm was well captured with a convincing flamboyance and authority. Very good voicing of chords with a strong feeling for the line and phrase shape, and the texture never got too thick. The various musical ideas that followed were vividly characterised. Staccatos were particularly effective with a strong sense of rhythmic purpose and very good voicing of RH chords- also the most reflective section that followed – very expressive with lovely tone quality and very sensitive shaping of the musical line. The ending was played with lots of flair and panache and very effective! Overall, technically armed, musically aware, and played with lots of conviction. An enjoyable performance. Well done!”
Mary Lennon 2018
“You conveyed a real sense of enjoyment. This responded well to your energetic and colourful passion. Very confident and enjoyable. Superbly controlled. Powerful sound without ever banging. Terrific!”
Andrew Ball 2016
“A strong and convincing performance with a high regard for matters of musical detail throughout. Each of the movements in this performance held its place within the overall scheme leading to a strong performance of maturity and conviction.”
Robert C Richman & Linda Nottingham 2019
“Lovely crisp articulation and great energy. Brilliant and full of verve. Lovely musicianship allied to a sound technique. Much enjoyed!”
Ashley Wass 2017
“Light and characterful melodic detail. Very good overall sense of fluidity and colour. Well done!”
Paul Jones 2016
Haydn, Janacek
“Expressively shaped playing with effective use of colour and a sense of atmosphere created. Lots of good details and interpretive ideas. Well done!”
Catherine Riley 2015
Bach, Janacek, Rachmaninov
“Much great technical work in place – tremendous concentration and sense of performance!”
Padraic O'Cuinneagain 2014
“Good stylistic awareness. Lovely control of the passagework, obviously displaying your love of the piece. Well played”
Leon Mc Cauley 2014
Mendelssohn, Debussy, Sinding
“Very enjoyable playing – your pleasure in playing is infectious”
Philip Martin 2011
Gillock, Casella
“Beautiful sonority and rich voices with good rubatos and dynamic sensitivity.”
Could Not Decipher Signature 2019
Quitter, Lalo
“This was an impressive performance capturing a wide range of performance styles which displayed many elements of contrast. There was a high degree of technical assurance which helped ensure a very convincing recital overall.”
Robert C Richman & Linda Nottingham 2019
LTCL Distinction Program
“This was an impressive performance showing considerable pianistic virtuosity and flair and conveying the drama in this music effectively. You produced rich sonorities and coped with the considerable technical demands with ease. Much to really enjoy!”
Fali Pavri 2018
“The virtuosic aspects of the music were delivered with aplomb. Rubato was suitably applied whilst maintaining essential elements of the dance. There was a high degree of precision throughout and the playing was heightened by an effective control of dynamic shaping. A thoroughly convincing performance overall!”
Robert C Richman & Linda Nottingham 2019
“I enjoy your clear articulation and you cope admirably with the most technical challenges.”
Reamonn Keary 2017
“A very successful performance with a degree of polish to be commended!”
Roy Holmes 2016
“Really thoughtful musical involvement”
Neil Roxburgh 2014
Beethoven, Messiaen Chopin
“An impressive and enormously enjoyable performance, always musical, alert to details and well protected.”
Timothy Ravenscroft 2015
“Tremendous Energy and rhythmic drive”
Andrew Ball 2013
“What a terrific piece – you really pulled this off with spirit and concentration throughout”
Philip Martin 2011
Ravel, Lutoslawski
“Some excellent ‘three dimensional’ moments. A finely chiselled conception of the music with lots of well executed detail.”
Could Not Decipher Signature 2017
“The prelude was beautifully fluent with a great deal of subtle expressions, and the ending appropriately broad in effect. The fugue had a majestic quality, and the close was magical!”
Could Not Decipher Signature 2016
“Exceptional playing of the highest calibre. Your range of tone and sensitivity to all phrasing was always clear throughout this fine, fine recital. Good luck for continued success!”
Neil Roxburgh 2016
Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Schuman
“A special performance – bravissimo!”
Could Not Decipher Signature 2015
“A high degree of dexterity and clarity of touch helped capture a suitably idiomatic style. Good levels of contrast were established between the various episodes of the work. All performance details were observed and suitably applied to help produce musically rounded phrases. There was a clear sense of engagement with the music and a resulting sensitive level of communication was achieved.”
Robert C Richman & Linda Nottingham 2019
“A convincing blend of musical styles was achieved here. A reliably consistent left-hand figuration was maintained to support glittering passagework in the right hand. There was much delicacy of touch achieved, resulting in a poised and polished performance.”
Robert C Richman & Linda Nottingham 2019
“Lively and spirited at a good tempo. Lots to enjoy in this performance.”
Paul Jones 2016
“Very commanding performance that showed a good vision of the overall structure of the Rachmaninov. Well done!”
Padraic O'Cuinneagain 2015
“Excellent sound and dynamic range. Secure and well performed.”
Gabriela Mayer 2014
“Grieg showed us your warmer poetic side – lovely imaginative tone, beautifully flowing phrasing – a wonderful flowing quality that I really enjoyed”
John Lenehan 2013
“The Sinding was played with evident relish in its romantic sweep and flow. Altogether a warm and communicative reading. It was a most enjoyable performance.”
Could Not Decipher Signature 2014
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