4. Crab Crawl: Improving Your Scales

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Crab Crawl - Jason Yang Pianist

Crab Crawl

If you’ve tried out the scales we covered in our previous posts, you may have found it somewhat difficult to turn your wrists and transition between your 1st and 3rd fingers.

The ‘crab crawl’ is a great exercise to help make this transition seamless.

As it’s name suggests, this exercise is reminiscent of a crab crawling up and down our piano. We should play through hands separately using our 1st and 2nd fingers, 1st and 3rd fingers, and 1st and 4th fingers.

Spend the most time practicing the crab crawl using your 1st and 3rd fingers. This should be the most beneficial for improving your scales.

When going through the crab crawl don’t bring your wrists up, let your fingers do the work and just simply shift your wrist left or right.





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