3. Start Right: Wrist Movement

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Wrist Movement - Jason Yang Pianist

Wrist Movement

Adding a simple wrist movement is great for adding depth and color into your playing. Although, this will only be heard on acoustic pianos, it does relieve any tension you may have in your wrists.

Try flopping your hands around, you’ll realize how much tension we usually have in our wrists.

Now flop your hand onto the keyboard and just let gravity do its thing. Hold onto one piano key, your wrist should be super low in relation to the keyboard. For your right hand, bring your wrist to the right, and for your left hand bring your wrist to the left, keeping your fingers as they are, in a curved position. Continue in your clockwise and anticlockwise motions and gently bring your hands up from the keys.

Practice this motion slowly and use it sparingly, only on longer notes.


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