2. Start Right: Staccato Technique

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Staccato Technique - Jason Yang Pianist

Staccato Technique

To play staccato in the most efficient way we should pull our fingers away from the keys.

Most people play staccatos by pressing and removing their fingers away from every key very quickly. While this may seem easier in the moment, pulling our fingers for staccatos is much better.

Trust me, I know it’s a difficult transition. I almost quit piano cause it was so hard! So please, start playing your staccatos with the right technique.

Why is pulling the keys the right technique?

When we pull our fingers away from the keys to play staccatos, we get more powerful staccatos and more control over the overall sound. This added control let us adjust the dynamics of our staccatos as well.

Another reason is that we will be able to play staccato notes faster. If you think about it, it makes sense. We are able to pull our fingers away from keys much faster than moving our entire hands up and away from each key.

How do we play staccatos the right way?

A good way to think about this staccato motion is to think of the piano as being really hot, and wanting to pull your fingers away as quickly as possible.



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