1. Numbering Our Fingers

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Numbering Our Fingers

Pianos have 88 keys. We have 10 fingers. It can get confusing very fast!

To help us out, we often add small numbers to our music. These numbers range from 1 to 5 and tell us which fingers to use when playing a note.

These five numbers correspond to our five fingers on each hand.

An easy way to remember which number is which finger is to remember thumbs up!

Numbering our fingers - Piano Basics - Jason Yang

If we give someone a thumbs up it means great job, well done, you’re the best, number one!

So our thumbs is always our first finger. Then the other numbers fall in place with our baby fingers being number 5.

My right handed students tend to mix up the left hand finger numbers. But always remember our thumbs are our first fingers.

Numbering our finger - Piano Basics - Jason Yang Pianist

Exercise: Write out a random sequence of numbers ranging from 1-5. Curve your fingers onto a flat surface. Slowly lift up the finger number you’ve written down. Repeat for your other hand.

You’ll quickly find that our 4th fingers are the most difficult to lift. Make sure to practice lifting your 4th finger individually.

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