6. Time Signatures

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Time Signatures - Jason Yang Pianist

Time Signatures

Time signatures are the numbers we see at the beginning of each piece. They are usually something over 4, 2 or 8. The top number tells us the number of notes in each bar, while the bottom number tells us the type of note we are counting.

If the bottom number is 4, we are counting crotchets, 2, we are counting minims, and 8, we are counting quavers.

Some time signatures may look the same such as 4 4 and 2 2, and 2 4 and 4 8. However, the way they are divided down is different. Here is a chart to show you what I mean.

Time Signatures - Jason Yang Pianist

We may see a C which means common 4 4 time, and sometimes we may see a C with a vertical line through it which means uncommon 2 2 time.

Time Signatures - Jason Yang Pianist

If you have any questions about time signatures, please leave a below!

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