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'We could not recommend Jason highly enough, grace has grown in confidence since she began her lessons with Jason. Her love of piano has grown and that stems from Jason’s gentle and encouraging fun way in which he teaches, from preparing to exams to learning fun pieces. Nothing is a problem, grace skips with a smile out of her lessons!'
Grace (10)
'Jason is an amazing teacher. My daughter used to be in a different school and she was in preparatory for two years and her progress was very slow. With Jason, she was able to accelerate hastily with very remarkable outcome. From preparatory she was able to accelerate to third grade in just over a year and she even joined and won in a competition with Jason's persuasion. Jason brings out the best in his student and help them develop their talents remarkably. He is also a very supportive teacher, he even accompanied our daughter on the day of her exam when she was nervous. Jason is just simply amazing!'
Ailish (12)
Coco (6)
'Jason started teaching my 5 year old daughter, Emily, to play piano in September 2019. Within a few short months, she has made amazing progress and can now play grade 2 level pieces! He is a superb teacher who is particularly good at explaining things to young children in a very imaginative way and bringing out the best of their ability. I am so happy that we found Jason to guide Emily on her musical journey and couldn’t recommend him highly enough.'
Emily (5)
‘I’m so happy we found Jason. Despite only seeing my son once a week, he’s been able to keep him practising during the week as well’
Charlie (11)
‘Lyla absolutely loves her lessons with Jason. He makes it ‘fun’ for her and she really enjoys playing piano. Couldn’t be more pleased’
Lyla (12)
‘I just got my LC results and I’m delighted. Jason’s help for the practical made a huge difference. Our rehearsals were always so productive and on the day our performance was the best it ever was!’
Anna (19)
'Taking lessons with Jason has given David the confidence to perform. He recently entered his school talent competition and made it to the final! Jason's support and encouragement really meant a lot.'
David (10)
‘Jason is a great teacher! I like his technique of teaching. He finds the way to work with your level, and he also looks for different ways to transmit the information. He makes sure you understand, and that you are motivated. Thank you very much! I feel I have advanced a lot since my first class, and I'm looking forward to keep learning!’
Adult Student
'Thought I'd try something new this year, started piano. My lessons with Jason are so fun and productive, wish I had started sooner'
Adult Student
'Jason isn't just a very talented pianist, he's also an amazing teacher and great motivator. He encouraged our daughter to take part in her first piano competition, even though we weren't so confident ourselves. She won second place! Which she wouldn't have if it hadn't been for his experience and dedication (extra hours on early Saturday mornings and a lot of patience). We can't recommend him enough.'
Beatriz (9)
'Jason is a knowledgeable, energetic and fun teacher with fantastic techniques and at the same time instills a lifelong appreciation of music to his students. He is extremely professional and responsive yet warm in his communication style. I would certainly recommend him to any one who has always wanted to learn piano. He has given our daughter the confidence to Move forward with her exams. She looks forward to and enjoys every lesson in her musical journey with Jason’s guidance.'
Savannah (9)
‘Jacob has always liked music. Over summer Jason taught him some pieces and Jacob has been fiddling away ever since!’
Jacob (7)
‘I really enjoy my piano lessons. Jason keeps me motivated and I make good progress. He has great tips that have helped me with my Junior Cert practical’
Ben (16)
‘Jason is just so patient and encouraging. If I'm struggling with something, he gives me different exercises to help me with it. He's an awesome instructor and I am really enjoying our lessons.’
Adult Student
'Sarah now loves the piano and looks forward to her weekly lesson, I am delighted!'
Sarah (6)
‘This summer Eve picked up so many new things, we were most impressed when she played the moonlight sonata for us one day. Thank you Jason!’
Eve (13)
‘Jason is very patient and an excellent teacher. He provides a good structure that helps my developing my skills. It's great working with him.’
Adult Student
‘Jason has been awesome. I have been taking lessons for the past year, and my lesson days are my best days of the week. He has balanced playing songs I practice with improvising and figuring out chords from songs we listen to at the lesson.’
Adult Student
'Jason is a superb teacher! He is kind and patient yet pushes you to practice and reach your potential. I’d highly recommended lessons with him if you’re a beginner or even advanced because he is so talented.'
Adult Student
'On the path of becoming a musician, what matters and defines true success in the end, is following your own inner identity in music and walking your own journey. Jason is the kind of teacher that helps you write your own story. And this is not a common characteristic among all music educators. The world abounds with talented people who get overwhelmed and disheartened too early because they are forced into standard learning methods that don't suit them, the music that doesn't resonate with them or get traumatized by being pushed into performances they're not ready for. They go on living their lives believing music wasn't their path. Jason makes an effort to understand who his students are as musicians, figures out what works for them as individuals, and guides them through different twists and turns on the road of becoming the pianist they are within.'
Adult Student
Guan Yu (19)
‘Jason’s lessons are great. Challenging yet encouraging, always has a simple solution for difficult passages. He’s showed me with practise I can get anything done’
Adult Student
‘Keeping Melanie interested in piano when she has horse riding, art, and so many other things is quite a difficult thing to do. Jason has managed to make piano enjoyable for Melanie and she even practises during the week now!’
Melanie (10)
‘I am very delighted to finally pick up piano and want to learn. Jason, you have inspired this old lady to not only want to learn more but also tell my friends how easy and fun you made my experience, thanks again’
Adult Student
‘Jason accompanied my Leaving Cert exam. He was amazing, I was delighted coming out of my music practical!’
Oliver (18)
‘My daughter enjoys very much learning with Jason, he is an encouraging, charismatic and patient teacher who makes fun to learn for his students, clearly he love his job!! Thank you Jason!’
Taylor (9)
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